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Our primary services are centered on contract research for private and governmental regulatory agencies and for the industry. This includes drug-discovery services, data analysis and interpretation, advisory services, value-adding services, and quality assurance services. We also work to support client product development activities, applying our technology and skill set for a full bench-to-shelf support pipeline for our partners and clients.

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Our Specialized Contract R&D and Product Development

Discovery and Scientific Services

Our primary services are centered on contract research for private and governmental regulatory agencies and for industry, and include drug-discovery services, data analysis and interpretation, advisory services, value-adding services and quality assurance services. We also work to support client product development activities, applying our technology and skill set for a full bench-to-shelf support pipeline for our partners and clients. Our services include:
Molecular & Systems Biology Services
  • We offer high throughput and quantitative genome wide molecular and biochemical analyses in various model organisms ranging from bacteria, yeast, to several mammalians, and human cell lines.
  • Screening: Development and interpretation of chemogenomic profiles using our proprietary ChemoMAP™ platform.
  • Phytochemistry: Extraction, separation and analysis of bioactive ingredients.
  • PProduct Development: Drug formulation and development, product customization, regulatory adherence protocols, and requirements.
  • Testing: Quality control and quality assurance services.
Drug Discovery Services

Our drug discovery services include all the general activities associated with drug discovery that derive from our HTS technology, including standard "hits" and "leads" identification. Our technology package is particularly useful for making compounds fail faster by helping to determine which drug compounds will have detrimental effects as early in the drug discovery process as possible to cut attrition rates.

This places us into the position of being a natural partner to a large drug discovery CRO or to a large pharmaceutical company that aims to reduce its drug development costs.

Phytochemistry Analysis

Our technical team has expertise across a broad range of solutions for natural product isolation and analysis as required by various partners, including academic institutions, SMEs, government regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry at large.

We offer state-of-the-art tools, extensive know-how and flexible capacity to provide services for analysis, isolation and biological tests of natural products from different sources ranging from plants and microbes to synthetic chemicals.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Our data analysis and interpretation service is a vital add-on to our bioinformatics toolbox, as well as an essential stand–alone service for interested clients. We utilize our in-house expertise to make sense of data for our clients and to transform raw data into useable statistics and identifiable trends for clients’ needs. In addition, together with our various partners, we are able to access vast amount of data that we can mine and explore any part of any client’s specific project needs.

We are making significant steps to expand our data team. As we continue to grow our cellular, chemogenomic, nutraceutical and general bio-pharmaceutical databases, we invite you to contact us for more details of how we can make big data work for you.

Advisory Services

Our advisory service forms a key component of our long-term engagement with clients which revolves around enabling and empowering our clients in their decision making process by providing bespoke, targeted advice, consulting services, aiding in data collection and interpretation, and assisting in the lead up to conclusions and deductions. Naturally this service is coupled to data analysis and interpretation at a client's request or can be offered independently for specific drug—discovery and molecular and systems biology projects.

Quality Assurance Services

Neopeutics offers a premium quality assurance service to industry and regulatory bodies. This service is a natural extension of the utility of our proprietary technology. The technology allows for quick, relatively low-cost and highly effective elucidation of a drug’s mode of action (MoA) and its targets. This is especially vital for small manufacturers who do not have the facilities, financial resources or expertise to carry out their own quality assurance activities. This service is also particularly useful to government regulatory agencies that need to ascertain the mode of action and safety of herbal medication or other natural products for regulatory and approval processes.

Value–Adding Services

Our value-adding service is related to our quality assurance services. It functions are to extend the utility of our QA/QC work to products on the shelf. It allows manufacturers to ascertain the utility and mode of action of their on-the-market or under-development products, and enables them to use a Neopeutics' Seal of Confirmed Mode of Action that acts as a guarantee to consumers that the product they are purchasing functions in the manner in which it is said to work and does not carry any unexpected side-effects. This is particularly useful for herbal and natural product SMEs.

In House Products

In tandem with our services, our main products include bioinformatics software, a drug screening technology toolbox and potential therapeutic compounds derived from natural resources.
Bioinformatics Software Tools

We offer bespoke bioinformatics software for the drug screening market and for various systems biology project requirements. We currently have a 1st generation version of our proprietary software package available and are working on introducing our 2nd generation package. Our in-house bioinformatics expertise also helps us develop a range of software that forms a key component of our product base and our client service programs. We can work closely with clients to develop bespoke software packages that suit our clients’ particular needs, and can couple this service to advisory and data analysis and interpretation services.

Screening Technology Package

We will soon be able to offer an easy-to-use technology toolbox to match our software tools. We aim to bring to partners and clients an easily customizable and flexible tool that can be modified to suit specific client needs while remaining flexible for future modifications as client requirements change.

Potential Therapeutic Substances

Our research and development team is currently working to identify potential therapeutic compounds in Malaysian herbal medicines and biodiversity resources using our drug discovery technology and expertise. We are currently looking for partners to share this exciting discovery work with our team.

Product Development & Commercialization (Bench2Shelf™ Platform)

We offer our partners and clients a complete bench–to–shelf service toolbox, particularly geared towards the commercialization of natural products, nutraceuticals and botanicals. We combine our expertise in drug discovery with our network of partners and collaborators to develop bespoke product development and commercialization packages for our clients.
Project Management

One of the key services we offer is comprehensive project management and support. The level of Neopeutics involvement in your project can be easily customized to suit your needs, and could involve simple consulting and report to full-level support, development, planning and execution.

We bring in a diverse group of individuals, partners and collaborators to the table to build a strong, effective and visionary project management team. Are you an SME in Asia who you needs to commercialize a product for the US market? Are you looking at developing a product?

Do you need legal or marketing support?

Talk to us about your project needs and we will let you know how we can help.
  • Consulting
  • Product Development
  • Oversight & Management
  • Reporting

Regulatory Compliance

One of the biggest obstacles to product development and launch is the legal and regulatory aspect. This is particularly difficult for small companies operating outside the United States.

We offer a comprehensive and bespoke support and consulting service that combines a thorough science-based assessment and development regime with a pragmatic and realistic legal and business approach that seeks to ensure full regulatory approval.

  • New Drug Applications / IND
  • FDA Registrations
  • Import / Export
IP Development

It is essential to protect your discoveries, innovations and ideas. However, in many discovery scenarios, particularly when focusing on natural products, IP protection is fraught with difficulties and barriers. Neopeutics can help explore, develop and ultimately protect your ideas and discoveries. Explore how our combination of cutting-edge scientific approaches and innovative business solutions can help you make more of your discoveries.

  • Patent Application
  • IP development & Protection
  • Valuation
Formulation, Dosage & Safety

Development of effective and safe delivery packages for natural products and nutraceuticals can be quite challenging. We use our experience and expertise to explore, analyze, and develop your product into the most suitable form for safety, efficacy and delivery.

Our expertise extends across a broad spectrum of services, from animal testing and ADME-Tox studies, to analysis and formulation work with our partners. If you have a revolutionary product that could benefit from our attention, get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

  • Nutritional Analysis
  • ADME
  • Formulation
  • Packaging
Label Development

Label development is both a marketing and a regulatory process, and is actually not as simple as one might imagine. We offer a full label development service covering both regulatory and marketing needs.

  • Regulatory Label Requirements
  • Graphics & Design
Marketing & Placement

The last stage in product development and project management may be the most critical.

Having a complete and approved product does not guarantee market success. We work to combine sound science and innovative placement and marketing to help your natural product stand out.

  • Market Surveys
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Online Presence Development