Neopeutics Technology

Our proprietary technology combines drug profiling strategies with powerful bioinformatics software to
produce a cost-effective, quantitative HTS package.

Do you have a novel bioactive(s) that you think has down-stream potential in the nutraceutical & therapeutic market? We might be able to help.

Neopeutics Technology. We offer to clients the targeted and cost-effective tools for enhanced discovery.

Neopeutics utilizes an innovative cross-species drug target identification platform that is robust, cost effective, and highly informative. Capable of rapidly and efficiently screening for medicinal properties and novel compounds from natural sources. The technology is well suited for discovery and development work built on natural products such as botanicals and marine sources products. In addition, our technology platform is perfectly suitable for failing compounds in early drug- discovery by quickly identifying compounds that have potentially detrimental effects on cellular pathways or that mimic known toxins.